UK owners of classic MGs of an age where the car was registered in one year but was actually manufactured the previous year may want to have the manufacturing date added to the DVLA record of their car for the purpose of gaining earlier Historic classification with the zero rate tax, or for qualifying for the pre 1960 date for MOT exemption.

DVLA have recently clarified and tightened the standard of dating evidence they will accept in support of any application as shown below…

"Where keepers believe their current vehicle should be exempt due to a change in law but their vehicle registration certificate (V5C) does not reflect this, requests will only be considered where it is accompanied with either an extract from the manufacturers/factory record, or an extract from the appropriate 'Glass's Check Book'. Both these documents will have a direct link to the chassis number that should already have been accepted and recorded on the vehicle record as part of the initial registration process."

(Glass's Check Books are old and now very rare publications that included chassis number and dating information.)

The original MG factory records are held by the Heritage Motor Centre and they have issued 'Heritage Certificates' for many years, which are certified extracts of the original factory record in respect to the chassis number listed and includes dates of the vehicle build. The Heritage Motor Centre is now the only body able to satisfy the dating requirements of DVLA in respect to MGs where Dating Letter and Heritage Certificate details can be found.

Once owners have collected the required evidence they should submit it to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DZ

12 Jun 2014